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What is proxy access?

Posted on April 25th, 2024

A GP surgery can give someone proxy access so they can help another person manage their GP health and care.

A proxy may be able to act for the person they support, by:

  • ordering repeat prescriptions
  • booking appointments
  • contacting the surgery or speaking to surgery staff
  • viewing test results or vaccinations
  • accessing all or part of the GP health record, to help with health-related tasks and managing health issues

Reasons for proxy access

Reasons for wanting or needing help could include:

  • having a physical or mental health condition
  • technical barriers, for example not having a computer or a smartphone
  • language barriers, for example if it’s not easy to access services in English
  • practical reasons, for example working shifts or unsocial hours
  • age, for example a child may need a parent to manage their GP services

If you’re aged 16 or over, you can ask for someone to be your proxy for any reason. It does not stop you having access to your GP services yourself.

If you help someone else with prescriptions, booking appointments or managing their health and care, getting proxy access could make it easier and more convenient.

How to get proxy access

In most cases you will need to contact the GP surgery of the person who wants help, to ask for proxy access. The GP surgery will make sure the person giving access understands and agrees to it, where needed. You may both have to fill in a form and prove who you are using photo ID.

The GP surgery will then decide what access, if any, is appropriate, and make the changes in their clinical systems to set it up.

Adults who cannot understand and agree to proxy access

Proxy access for another adult is usually given based on them requesting it themselves, or understanding and agreeing to it. Adults aged 16 and over are assumed to be able to understand and consent to their own treatment. This is called having capacity.

If the person you want to help cannot understand or agree to you acting for them, for example because of a condition such as dementia, this is called lacking capacity. The GP surgery may still be able to give you access. They will make a decision based on what is in the best interests of the person who needs help. For further information please contact the reception 0151 6084702 or email us

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